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Antwerp is a village in Paulding County, Ohio, United States, along the Maumee River. The population was 1,740 at the 2000 census.
Antwerp is the nearest village to the Six Mile Reservoir, the site of the Reservoir War in 1887. Antwerp is the birthplace of Asa Long, the English draughts player. The place is named after the Flemish city of Antwerp.
Antwerp is located in the former wetland region known until the 19th century as the Great Black Swamp. The area was avoided by the early settlers due to its thick forestation and extensive swamps and marshes.[citation needed] After the area had been drained, small industries developed here, and the construction of the canals along the Maumee River in the 1840s and the land reclamation project that followed helped convert the former swamplands into fertile farmlands, leading to the growth of a farming community in Antwerp.[citation needed]