Grand River, OH


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The Grand River is a tributary of Lake Erie, 102.7 miles (165.3 km) long, in northeastern Ohio in the United States. Via Lake Erie, the Niagara River and Lake Ontario, it is part of the watershed of the St. Lawrence River, which flows to the Atlantic Ocean. It drains an area of 712 mi² (1844 km²).
The Grand River rises in southeastern Geauga County and initially flows eastwardly into Trumbull County. Downstream of West Farmington it turns northward into Ashtabula County, where it passes the village of Rock Creek and then turns westward into Lake County, where it passes the communities of Painesville and Grand River before flowing into Lake Erie at Fairport Harbor.
On July 28, 2006, the Grand River overflowed its banks and caused a state of emergency in Lake County and Ashtabula County[citation needed] due to flooding. The river reached 11 feet above flood level, a 500-year flood, due to a 1,000-year 48-hour rain. The flooding was so powerful that it caused a tributary (Paine Creek) to change course in at least one location. The area was subsequently declared a Federal Disaster area.