Kirtland, OH


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Kirtland is a city in Lake County, Ohio, USA. The population was 6,670 at the 2000 census. Kirtland is famous for being the early headquarters of the Latter Day Saint movement.
In prehistory the Kirtland area was covered by ocean water (300 million years ago). The bedrock is a silt shale of the Ohio shale group named Chagrin Shale. Above the Chagrin Shale is Cleveland Shale, a Devonian formation which is an important source of local fossils. The Cleveland Shale is overlaid by Bedford Shale. Berea Sandstone is the next layer and an important local building material, which has been used to construct the Kirtland Temple and other historic buildings. The caprock is Sharon Conglomerate, a sandstone with embedded quartz pebbles. About 10,000 years ago glaciers covered all of northern Ohio, so the landscape of the region is dominated by the effects of glaciation.
After the founding of the United States, northern Ohio was designated as the Western Reserve and was sold to the Connecticut Land Company. The area was first surveyed by Moses Cleaveland and his party in 1796.