Morral, OH


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Morral is a village in Marion County, Ohio, United States. The population was 388 at the 2000 census.
When the promoters of the Columbus and Toledo Railroad Company, present day CSX, announced its route would include Salt Rock Township, Samuel Morral I and Jacob Neff, each of whom owned the land where the village now is, entered into the business of selling commercial and residential lots. They transferred the necessary acreage to Mr. Thomas E. Berry, a real estate agent and promoter, in trust, for the purpose of laying out and selling lots for them.
He prepared and filed a plat of the new village with the county recorder on September 1, 1875. It was given the name Morral for Samuel Morral I who owned that part of the village plat north of Neff Street. Jacob Neff, who owned the land south of Neff Street, was honored (or consoled) by having the principal street named for him.