New Straitsville, OH


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New Straitsville is a village in Perry County, Ohio, United States. The population was 774 at the 2000 census.
New Straitsville was originally founded in 1870 as a coal mining town by the New Straitsville Mining Company. The town grew quickly and by 1880 the population was over 4000 people. The coal mining activity ended in 1884, when a labor dispute at the mine ended with a group of miners sending a burning coal car into the mine, igniting the coal. At one time the heat from the fire was so great that residents could draw hot water directly from wells to brew coffee. The fire in the New Straitsville mine burns to this day.
New Straitsville is located at 39°34′53″N 82°14′08″W / 39.581324°N 82.235604°W / 39.581324; -82.235604.