South Salem, OH


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South Salem is a village in Ross County, Ohio, United States. The population was 213 at the 2000 census.
In 1842, local Presbyterian minister Hugh Stewart Fullerton orchestrated the establishment of a school in southwestern Ross County. Known as the "Salem Academy," this school became the foundation of the present village: landowner John Sample platted South Salem in 1846 in order better to serve the students and teachers of the school. After two years of rapid growth, the village reached the point that it could easily serve the needs of the school, and growth ceased. Although South Salem incorporated in the 1870s, few other changes occurred during the late years of the nineteenth century. In 1917, its population was deemed to be between 350 and 400 residents, a size that had remained consistent since the 1850s. The Salem Academy (by then known as the "South Salem Academy") closed in 1907 due to competition from other schools, and since that time, the village has declined in population.
South Salem is located at 39°20′11″N 83°18′27″W / 39.33639°N 83.3075°W / 39.33639; -83.3075 (39.336418, -83.307392).