Tallmadge, OH


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Tallmadge  /tælmɨdʒ/ (often mispronounced /tɔːlmɨdʒ/) is a city in Summit and Portage counties in Ohio, United States. It is a suburb of Akron and part of the Akron Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 17,537 at the 2010 census. Tallmadge was founded in 1807 and is the second-oldest city in Summit County, following Hudson, which was founded in 1799.
Historically, Tallmadge was a part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, which was a three million acre plot of land in northeast Ohio. Prior to it being named Tallmadge (after Benjamin Tallmadge), it was part of Town 2, Range 10 in the Western Reserve. In 1807, the Rev. David Bacon founded and organized Tallmadge, placing a square road in the center of town where several other roads met, modeled after New England designs of the time period.
In the nineteenth century, Tallmadge continued to develop around the square as its centerpiece, which years later became a traffic roundabout named the "Tallmadge Circle" (or simply "the Circle"). The Circle as it is today represents New England's role in the settlement of the Ohio Western Reserve. The rest of the city was designed in a grid pattern, with industry tending to develop near the railroad.