Kenton, OK


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Kenton is a small unincorporated community in Cimarron County, Oklahoma, United States. There was a store, "The Merc", bed and breakfasts, guest ranches, three church congregations, and a post office, which was established May 12, 1891. Residents of Kenton informally adhere to Mountain Time, which legally begins a few miles west at the Oklahoma/New Mexico state line. To avoid confusion, "Mountain Time" is often added when giving the time to visitors. Posted business hours all end with "MT" or "MST" to specify Mountain Time.
From Kenton, it is approximately a 154 mile drive to Amarillo, Texas, a 314 mile drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico, 303 miles driving to Denver, Colorado, and 362 miles to Oklahoma City, the nearest major population centers.
Kenton is an unincorporated community with 17 residents, according to 2010 census figures. Kenton, which lies in the Cimarron River valley, is just south of Black Mesa, the highest point in Oklahoma. It is so far west that it observes Rocky Mountain time.