Blue Ball, PA


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Blue Ball is an unincorporated community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania near 40°N 76°W. Blue Ball lies approximately 2 miles east-northeast of the town of New Holland, Pennsylvania at the intersection of US 322 and PA Route 23.
The name originates from the Blue Ball Hotel, which stood on the southeast corner of the PA 23-US 322 crossroads. The inn is no longer standing; it was torn down in 1997 after more than 200 years In the early 18th century, John Wallace, an Irishman, built a small building at the intersection of two Indian trails - French Creek Path (Route 23) and Paxtang (Route 322). He hung a blue ball out front and called it "The Sign of the Blue Ball." Locals began calling Earl Town Blue Ball, after the inn. So in 1833, Earl Town officially changed its name to Blue Ball. Years later during Prohibition, the inn changed its name to Blue Ball Hotel. Coincidentally, the town of Blue Ball is situated approximately 8 miles northeast of the town of Intercourse, PA.
The name is often considered sexually suggestive, for its closeness to the slang term "blue balls" (1916), which refers to the male sexual condition of temporary testicular and prostate fluid congestion, due to prolonged and unsatisfied sexual excitement. In 1962, the postmaster of the town, along with that of Intercourse, Pennsylvania, was asked by the publishers of the Eros Magazine for mailing privileges. Intercourse and Blue Ball are often named in lists of "delightfully-named towns" in Pennsylvania Dutchland, along with Mount Joy, Lititz, Bareville, Bird-in-Hand and Paradise.