Norriton Fire Engine Co

2830 Swede Rd
Norristown PA 19401

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We are a volunteer organization made up of caring people. Our members serve in various roles. Most of our volunteers are fire fighters, but others are special fire police, and some serve in administrative positions. Our members come from many diverse backgrounds with one common desire, to help others. In 2007, a joint effort between the fire company and the township yielded two paid firefighters. The township hired a Deputy Fire Marshal and a Code Enforcement officer. Both of these individuals have the added responsibility to respond as drivers/firefighters for the fire company on weekdays. This is the time of day when most of our volunteers are at work and are not able to respond. The new employees supplement the few volunteers that are able to respond on weekdays. Evenings and weekends continue to be all volunteer. We operate out of two stations, which help give us a quicker response to all parts of the township. There are several vehicles: 2 engines, 1 quint (ladder/engine), 1 ladder-tower, 1 squad (rescue/engine), a foam extinguishment trailer, a structural/trench collapse trailer, a utility vehicle to tow the trailers, 1 light/air truck, a fire police van, and a command vehicle. We also house one of the county's hazardous materials response support trailers. The company has weekly training to keep our skills honed. Our fire fighters and special fire police take training classes for fire fighting, rescue, traffic safety, hazardous materials, and first aid. Norriton Fire Engine Company has been recognized by the Fire Commissioner's Office of Pennsylvania for our firefighters being trained and certified for fire fighting. Our members not only have the basic training, but strive to obtain higher levels of training. All on a volunteer basis. We have members certified both at the state and national levels for Fire Fighting I & II, Fire Officer I & II, Fire Investigator, Fire Inspector, Haz Mat Operations and Technician, and Fire Instructor I & II. Besides the county Fire Academy, our members receive training from the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy, National Fire Academy, PA Dept and Federal Emergency Management Agencies, PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources, PA Fish & Boat Commission, and many more agencies. Our members go the extra mile, literally sometimes, for training. We have traveled all over Pennsylvania for training, as well as New Jersey, Indiana, Maryland, and even Nevada. We realize that training never stops. Most of our more experienced members give back to the fire service by assisting and training others. This is within the fire company, but also includes several members who are also county and state instructors for a variety of fire and rescue courses.