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Allen TX 75013

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Accudata Technologies, originally founded in 1989, provides flexible access to data retrieval and validation through innovative technology and cutting-edge data transmission. Accudata serves as an access hub for validating information associated with telephone numbers, cellular numbers and IP locations. This information includes items such as name and address verification, carrier type (wireless, landline, VoIP, etc.), operating company name and details regarding whether the individual to whom the number corresponds is likely to pay for charges such as a collect call. Accudata's validation services translate information between diverse protocols such as SS7, PSTN and IP in order to access local number portability, line information databases (LIDBs), Calling Name (CNAM) databases and billing name and address information. Accudata's CNAM database provides Caller Name information, which helps carriers provide Caller ID service and accurate identification of callers for their clients. In addition, Accudata's patented IP-to-SS7 conversion methodology enables Accudata to leverage its CNAM database, and other major CNAM databases, to provide the world's first true Caller ID service for wireless devices through its subsidiary, Privus Mobile. Using Privus Mobile, smartphone users can receive the name associated with the incoming calls on their smartphones regardless of whether or not the caller is in the user's contact list on their smartphone. For optimum profitability, e-retailers in industries such as online auto sales and apartment location services require sales lead validation and lead verification. Accudata's expertise in information verification is an ideal match for these e-retailers.