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Welcome to, Inc, Inc is dedicated to getting your company's voice heard. In this fast-paced market, Small Cap and OTC companies can easily be overlooked. Without the resources and funding of Fortune 500 firms, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent presence in the public's eye., Inc can help!, Inc we believe in disseminating real news. You won't find the hype some sites try to present as news. Our goal is to gain exposure for our client companies through our Internet interviews ( Webcasts ), conference calls, emails, investor newsletters, and strategic placement on financial web sites., Inc provides clients with different levels of services ranging from micro packages to massive investor awareness campaigns, or even a complete investor relations package. Our clients simply choose the level of service they desire and leave the rest to us. Currently, there is a litany of email databases being touted as the ultimate way to create the exposure every small-cap company desires. By building long-term working relationships with several of our colleagues and competitors,, Inc has compiled a double opt-in email database that has the exact demographic your company is searching for, giving you access to individuals and institutions that will invest in a small-cap company., Inc can save you time and money while providing convenience for your staff as well as your shareholders. Your company can give your audience interactive access to the information they want and need., Inc offers much more than just Webcasting - check out our Services page to see how we can help your company reach the next level in investor relations.