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Classes conducted by high ranking master with more than 30 years experience in teaching. Jiang Dashi teaches the complete Yang Tai Chi system in accurate and detail. This includes the original Taiji sword, the famous Wu Tai Chi Broadsword, Chen Spear, push hands, applications also. Rare to find anyone who has complete Yang formula and also the royal forms. If your interest is obtaining quality and depth as well as the health prospect, should consider. Master Jiang also teaches the 9 treasures world famous Chi Gong, most powerful and beneficial for health and martial arts. Seminars provided annually when available. Karate has a Chinese face also. Kong Shou Dao is what they call it. Jiang Dashi also develop unique Karate based on Shaolin 5 Animal and powerful methods of the Karate System. Examined and recognized as one of the most powerful. If you want to train in Karate or Taekwondo, might want to consider this method as your final choice. Karate comes from Kungfu but more basic. This Karate have deep foundation of actual Chinese Shaolin routine and more ancient and powerful methods for training. One should consider 18 months a minimum time to devote for results. Not commercial grade, but professional grade results...and will take years to reach legitimate black belt status. Highest quality training is rare. Many consider this best way. All Kungfu methods are trained, but learn in way that is more easy to understand and master. Training therefore has many aspects familiar to Karate and Taekwondo way, this way easier to learn. If you want more...this is more. Jiang Dashi is FOUNDER of the Wu Chi Chuan system. Jiang originated the system in 1973 from research into original Chinese Kungfu. This Kungfu (wushu) was called Wu yi in the history between 200 BC and Ming Dynasty 1600 BC and contain unique type of Kungfu well fitted for Battlefield and not a sport type of Kungfu. This is a supreme and very advanced kungfu (wushu). Incorporated in the art are sub-systems of internal art practice; these are BaGua, Xingyi, Bajiquan, specialized Chi Gong, and specific meditation techniques. This system requires dedication from the student. Should be willing to devote a minimum of 3 years before consider this. Most powerful of the Kungfu (wushu) styles.