Travis Industries LLC

7902 SE Loop 410
San Antonio TX 78223
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I am writing this for someone close to me...Do not work for this company!Ill give some examples of how this company is from what i witnessed in my time there.I am a former employee that has worked with them for approximately a year! These people are so shady everyone in the office is behind a hiring scam by promising a forman position if you come on board. Also this company is notorious for hiring illegal immigrants. The women in the office need to be investigated because they maybe be filing false documentation for these illegal workers and pay them close to nothing. I believe that they are retaliated against another friend of mine who left at the same time I did because they shorted him $400 out of his last check for a spray gun that he turned in and sign paperwork on stating that he does not want the equipment. They have the equipment it in the office right now but still saying that he purchased the spray gun when it is in their possession with the paperwork. A while back another coworker of mine had vacation planned and approved but at the last minute told him that he couldn't not take his vacation because they needed him at work. My friend took his vacation anyways and when he came back they fired him. Something has to be done about this company soon because they are abusing the system.
Industrial Cleaning, Sandblasting, Painting, Tank Lining, Pipe Lining, Protective Coating, Shop/Field Service, Scaffolding, Aerial Lifts, Graffiti Removal.