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Dr. Hsu and Crystal were amazing with my daughter. I am so impressed with how well they worked with her and helped her to feel at ease. She had no problems with her procedure and wasn't even scared because of their care.
Dr. Hsu & Amanda were amazing with my two year old, he provided awesome information and knowledge to me that I didn't know, he also helped walk my son through what he was doing so thoroughly in a way he could understand. I'm so grateful for the outstanding treatment! Thank you so much!
Dr. Hsu and Amanda are amazing!!! They absolutely rock!!!! They always take care of my family and make the kids feel comfortable and stress free!!!!! This is a great place for first time kiddos too. ������������
I switch dentist so my family could all go to the same one so we picked kool smiles WORST CHOICE EVER!! I went in for a check up first time visit to the office and I told them I had a broken tooth that would hurt every once in awhile well Dr. Chchada went to picking at the tooth around the gum and touching it then gave me antibiotics and pain meds sent me on my way. later that night my side of my face swelled up so bad I couldn't talk so the next morning I go back to the dentist to show them and see what they can do I saw Dr. Buchanan he looked at my swollen jaw/cheek/face/throat and says I need to let the antibiotics kick in it takes time. so he sends me home with stronger meds and later that night the swelling gets worst I couldn't speak or swallow my husband calls the office again and he tells my husband again I need to give it time to kick it.long story short I went to the er had to have surgery,it went from a check up to surgery in one day I WILL NEVER REFER ANYONE TO THIS PLACE
Dr. Hsu and Tasha did an amazing and quick job on my daughters first crown! They made it very kid friendly and comfortable for my daughter who was very nervous about her first crown. Now she has her Elsa crown and is very happy!
We've been using Kool Smiles for a few years now. Overall I am really happy with our experiences. I have 5 kids and they all deal with going to the dentist differently. My youngest boy has a really hard time and we've seen all the dentists at one point or another. The assistants are always friendly and very sweet to all my kids but especially Reece knowing he struggles with being there. Amanda has been so kind and patient dealing with him. I am very appreciative of all the smiles and friendly faces we see every time we go in Kool Smiles. Thank you!!!
Dr. Hsu and Sherry were amazing with my son. They were patient and friendly with him. They talked about super heroes while he was performing his crown procedure. I highly recommend them for any dental work you need done for your kids.
Dr.Hsu I feel so happy to have you as my baby Janell dentist yuo are great took to her about princess en may her feel confident she did great because of you atenciones and that nurse Jo did ameising thanks you both Maria Barker
Dr. Hsu and Brenda Hernandez @ Kool kids were beyond awesome! I've never had anyone care for my child the way they have. My son is 5 and had to have two fillings this morning! He was crying and shaking how nervous he was. After Brenda talk to him about Halloween and just a normal conversation. He immediately started to calm down. Dr. Hsu was the best dentist I've ever taken my kids too! He talked to macyn while performing the fillings. He made Macyn feel like a real superhero! Made my entire family feel comfortable and very welcome. He was also so helpful with foods and juices I should stay away from. I can't wait for the kids 6months check up! If you want awesome friendly kid denial work. Please ask her These lovely people!
Dr.Hsu was great with my 4 year old son. He was very thorough and informative. He really made my son feel comfortable and relaxed by giving him some 'superpowers'and'superman teeth' His assistant Brenda H was also very great and laid back. They made this not so fun experience very easy for my child and myself. Great team.
Dr Hsu and Crystal were amazing! My daughter was comfortable and there was zero stress! (Even for mom!) The front desk is friendly and helpful. They explain everything in detail. I highly recommend Kool Smiles and the entire staff.
Dr. Hsu was amazing with my 5 year old daughter! He walked her through the whole process, but telling her things she could relate to as he did the procedure. She was nervous when we got there but thanks to him and his assistant Crystal , my daughter felt at ease and did very well at her appointment. I definitely recommend this place for your children!
Founded in 2002. Kool Smiles is a network of local dental offices dedicated to expanding quality dental care access for children and families in underserved communities. Kool Smiles provides preventative care, supported with electronic health records. Good dental health is vital to lifelong health. Call for a dental visit now.