Fairfax Station, VA


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Fairfax Station is a census-designated place (CDP) in Fairfax County, Virginia, ZIP code 22039. The population as of the 2010 Census was 12,030. As a suburb of Washington, DC, it is a bedroom community for many who work in the federal government.
The average lifestyle for residents of Fairfax Station rates above those of the national index in categories including but not limited to: total household expenditure, insurance, clothing, education, entertainment, food, health care, personal care, tobacco, transportation, utilities, and gifts.[citation needed] The factors that are below average when compared to the national (lowest in the state for many of them): Crime Rate, Personal Crime Risk, murder risk, rape risk, larceny risk, and automotive theft risk.[citation needed]
In the 2000 census, Fairfax Station (i.e. the Zip Code Tabulation Area for 22039) had a population of 18,471. In 2007, the estimate was 20,124. The community is 83.5% white, 3.7 % African-American, 9.6% Asian-American, 0.2% Native American and 0.04% Native Hawaiian. 2.96% of the population was of two or more races. In 2004, the adjusted gross income per household was $158,241 annually, and the median house price was about $700,000 (Q1 of 2009).