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Alburgh (formerly Alburg) is a town in Grand Isle County, Vermont, United States, founded in 1781 by Ira Allen. The population was 1,952 at the 2000 census. Alburgh is on the Alburgh Tongue, a peninsula extending from Canada into Lake Champlain, and lies on the only road-based route across Lake Champlain to New York state north of Addison, Vermont. It is one of only six non-island locations in the 48 contiguous states not directly connected to them by land, which are exclaves of the U.S.
The original name of the town, Alburgh, was changed to Alburg in 1891 by recommendation of the United States Board on Geographic Names. The Board recommended that all municipality names ending in -burgh be revised to end in -burg for the sake of standardization. The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was perhaps the largest city affected by this decision. Its official name was Pittsburg between 1891 and 1911 (see Etymology of Pittsburgh).
In April 2006, the Vermont Board of Libraries (in its capacity as the authority on Vermont place-names) approved Alburgh's request to change its name from Alburg to Alburgh after a majority vote on town meeting day.