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I diddnt get everyone's name but all that we came in contact with were very professional and kid friendly. From the reception desk to the Dr's and everyone in between. Especially Cheryl and Alicia.Thank you for a Great experience!
The people there are really nice, the wait was ridiculous!!! The first time I was there with 2 children to get regular cleanings. I was there for over 2 hours. The second time i went (I decided to give another chance)my son needed a cavity filled. Come to find out that he really didn't need it filled. We were there for an hour and a half for them to tell me that in less than 5 minutes!!! I will NEVER take my kids here again.
I'm quite surprised by all the positive reviews. I had the most traumatic/painful dental experience of my life at KoolSmiles. During an extraction of a tooth, either the local anesthetic wore off or I wasn't given enough because I began to feel quite a bit of pain when the "dentist" began to push/pull on the tooth. I've always been told to hold up my left hand if I start to feel any pain. Well that's what I did and he didn't stop. I then put up both of my hands and again he didn't stop. Only when I finally began to scream in pain did he stop and give me more anesthetic. I've had a abscess removed from my jaw and a root canal done, both with local anesthetic and I've never experienced anything as painful as what he put me through. The pain was so intense that I went into shock. The only other time I've experience shock was after snapping my ankle. I have never had such a horrible experience with a medical "professional." As patients we put our trust in these individuals to help us not harm us. To be honest, after getting home, I fealt like I had been assaulted, assaulted by someone I trusted. Never again will I set foot in that facility.
Today was our 5th visit to Kool Smiles in Christiansburg. My children & I have been satisfied with each visit. The staff are great & we have nothing but great things to say about this office. Special thanks to Peggy, Dr. Abreu, Dr. Darensburg, Sam & Emile! You guys are awesome ����
When I was searching for a dentist that takes our insurance Kool Smiles was on the list. I initially went to the office in Christensensburg, VA. The "receptionist" behind the desk was very unprofessional!!. She slumped in chair as if she were on her couch at home, too relaxed for a work environment. Even when I walk towards the desk she remained in overly relaxed state. Call me picky, but the first thing a person sees is the receptionist and she didn't make a good impression on me. She looked to see if she had any available appointments, she didn't and told me to call the following week. When I did, the person on the other end was polite and very professional, however you could tell that she was at a call center and not at the office I had visited prior. She took my daughters info and my insurance info and made an appointment for the following day. We went in for the appointment and the same lazy receptionist was there. Then to make things worse, I had to give all the same info I had given the lady at the call center the day before and I had to call the call center again and give them a payment before anything services were done. I have never had to deal with this at any other dentist office in California ( we just moved to the area from there) We were always billed and didn't have to bother with the extra announces. The hygienist was great and so was the dentist. My daughter won't need to go back to the dentist until November, so I will be looking for another dentist in the area.
I love this office..after several bad experiences with the Roanoke office I now make the 45 minute drive to the Christiansburg office to have my children seen with a smile all the way. The staff Peggy and Majesta are exceptionally wonderful.They make our visit all the more enjoyable!! The only downside was the company needs to upgrade their paperwork to match what is required in the office. I printed the forms off line to try and save time and had to fill out a few more of them over again because they were not updated by the company. Other than that KUDOS to Small Smiles dentist and clerical staff!!
Our last visits were really good , my son had to have caps put on 2 of his teeth , the Dr was great and the Nurse Shannon was great with him , they told everything that was going on and we had a great experience !
Dr Abrey and Emily were excellent with my kids. My daughter was getting a filling and they were so great with my younger children who were there to tag along, making my son their "assistant." The waiting room has a play room and it's just so much more pleasant than the typical dentist's office.
Overall I enjoy the visits. My kids do well with them. The front desk is very nice..My main issue has nothing to do with the visits...it's billing and the fact that I always always always owe way over what they say my part is.
I take my little sister and my cousins here for their 6 months checkups and their dental work all the time the staff is great with kids Dr.Abreu is always great when it comes to calming down the kids when getting fill ins and also a great plus for us hispanics is that he speaks both spanish and English so para esos que no avlan ingles el Dr.Abreu AVLA ESESPAÑOL. His dental assistant's Brittany and Lilly are awesome always so professional and friendly to the kids and parents. I the waiting room there is a play area for kids to play while waiting to get called on in my experience i will keep going to kool smiles
HORRIBLE experience! I had a tooth that broke to expose a nerve and was in extreme pain. The worst pain I've ever been in! The first 102 dentists listed with my insurance were here so I thought it might be a good option. I also thought they might be efficient about getting me in since it was not a small office. Wrong! I had to wait for an appt and when I went in for my appt, I had to sit in the waiting room for another hour and a half after my appt. They eventually took me back but I had to sit back there and wait a while too. Then they took xrays and looked in my mouth for 5 seconds. The dentist said take ibuprofen and gave me an antibiotic. She told me that I had an exposed nerve but no infection. I told her I had been alternating ibuprofen 200 x4 and Tylenol ER 650 x2 and was receiving NO RELIEF! She said to take the antibiotic and after about 3 days, I'd have relief. AFTER TELLING ME THERE WAS NO INFECTION! An antibiotic will not help if there is no infection! I told her this was the worst pain I've ever been in and I cannot wait 3 days for relief! She replied to take ibuprofen and the antibiotic then she sent me away. They did NOTHING for me! Thank you for the caring and compassion. You obviously aren't in this to help people Jacqueline Brown! I left in the same extreme pain. I called another dentist who brought me in ASAP and numbed me until I could get a root canal the next day. Why couldn't Kool Smiles numb me? I wasn't drug seeking and didn't even need pain meds. Just that long acting numbing agent. Thanks for nothing Kool Smiles! My stepson and his half brother will no longer be going there. And thank you to Dr Bofsky and staff for being amazing!
We were very disappointed with our experience at this facility. The receptionist was checking people in and taking appointments over the phone. She was unprofessional. We waited an hour for my son to get his teeth cleaned. The Hygienist spent all of 10 min. cleaning my sons teeth. That was including the fluoride treatment. I had to make 3 different appointments to get my kids teeth cleaned. My 16 year old son was scheduled an appointment and when he arrived, only then was we informed that he could not be seen without a parent present. I thought when we made the appointment that the receptionist understood that he would be bringing himself. She could have said something then.
The Kool Smiles staff did a great job in keeping us informed about everything they were doing with our kids. Our children had dental surgery on aug 2, 2016 and everyone was nice, professional, ethical and were concern with our children’s well-being as well as letting the parent know what was happening and the anesthesia crew and coordinators are very helpful, educated on the information to provide the parents and nice and very professional and concern for what is in the best interest of your child and how you feel about what procedures will be done. I trust Kool Smiles with my children and I would recommend them to everyone we know and the previous comments made about Kool Smiles that they are mean and hold down your kids is untrue and they are now under new management so I say give them another chance.
The staff here is absolutely amazing. From making sure my kids are comfortable and understand what is going on, to paper work, insurance issues, etc. My kids are not scared to go to the dentist anymore since we started going to Kool Smiles! We absolutely adore them! Not to mention, their work is amazing. My daughter had to have her front tooth fixed after chipping off almost half of it, once they were done, we couldn't remember which tooth it was that needed fixed! Amazing job!!! And, Peggy that works up front, is absolutely fantastic! She is always on top her of job duties and always has a smile on her face. She is always helpful and makes sure everything gets done the way it needs to. She goes above and beyond her job duties to make sure your experience is fabulous!
Can't review the appointment just yet but I did not have a good experience just calling to make the appointment. Asked a simple questions and was made to feel like an idiot. Hoping the actual appointment is much better than the process of making it.
The receptionist Peggy was amazing!!!! I love the facility and the courteous employees. There was a incident with a customer and Peggy handled it without being rude and went to the full extent to provide excellent customer service.
Rachael and Ashley are amazing! It was our first time at this office and they made us feel at home. They treated my twins awesome! Peggy at the front was great as well. Even though we live 50 mins away we will still go to this location!
Im glad i took my son here!! Everyone is so nice. My son is 6 yrs old and hated the dentist till today���� . Brittany was great talking to him and telling him what was going on, helped him be comfortable. Dr. Abreu has a great sense of humor. He also speaks spanish which is good for other parents and patients. Absolutely love it there!!

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