Anderson Island, WA


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Anderson Island is the southernmost island in Puget Sound and is part of Pierce County, Washington, United States. It is accessible by boat or a 20 minute ferry ride from Steilacoom. Anderson Island lies just south of McNeil Island. To the northwest Key Peninsula lies across Drayton Passage. The south basin of Puget Sound separates the island from the mainland to the southeast, while to the southwest the Nisqually Reach of Puget Sound separates the island from the mainland.
Anderson Island has a land area of 20.06 km² (7.746 sq mi), and reported a population of exactly 1,037 persons as of the 2010 census. The island had been a retirement destination since the late 1960s, with a median age of 54 years. The population booms every summer to approximately 4,000. The Island is also home to a healthy population of deer.
The island was named in 1841 by Charles Wilkes of the United States Exploring Expedition. Given a warm reception at Fort Nisqually by Mr. Anderson and Captain McNeill, and assistance to aid his operations, Wilkes repaid the kindness by naming the two nearby islands after these two men.