Chewelah, WA


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Chewelah ( /tʃəwiːlə/ US dict: chə·wē′·lə) is a city in Stevens County, Washington, United States. Chewelah was labeled Chiel-Charle-Mous on the 1897 U. S. Land Office Map. The population was 2,607 at the 2010 census which was a 19.3% increase over the 2000 census.
The name of the town comes from a Kalispel word, sčewíleʔ, meaning "watersnake" or "gartersnake". Prior to colonization by European-Americans, Chewelah was home to a band of the Kalispel people. The band was known as the sletéwsi, meaning "valley people". Chewelah and the rest of the Colville River Valley were part of the Colville Indian Reservation from April 9, 1872, when the reservation was created, until July 2, 1872, when a subsequent executive order reduced the size of the reservation. The Chewelah Band of Indians is currently part of the Spokane Tribe.