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Granger is a city in Yakima County, Washington, United States. The population was 3,246 at the 2010 census. Although it was classified as a town in 2000, it has since been reclassified as a city.
Granger was founded in 1902 and named after Walter Granger, superintendent of the Washington Irrigation Company who also laid out the cities of Zillah and Sunnyside. Granger was officially incorporated on September 28, 1909. In the 1910s and 20's, the town had several large industries including a tile and brick company and a cider mill.
Granger is located at 46°20′40″N 120°11′29″W / 46.34444°N 120.19139°W / 46.34444; -120.19139 (46.344319, -120.191290).