Patrick Foster - State Farm Insurance Agent

626 N Mullan Rd Ste 11
Spokane Valley WA 99206
2 Reviews

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Where do I start? This Agency gave be the absolute run around for almost 9 months. Continuous charges to my bank account with no explanation of what they were telling me they couldn't explain them unless I pay them because of "programs". No one at the office could ever figure out what was going on. My policy was incorrectly written several times, leading into a back log of charges (over $600 worth). My recently purchased vehicle was almost repossessed because of all the errors this Agency made They wrote my policy but never activated it and my bank thought I didn't have car insurance, I drove around for SEVERAL months thinking I was covered in reality I wasn't. I was double charged once on the bank side for providing my insurance and once on the State Farm side. I understand that mistakes are made, people are human, I wasn't to concerned with it. However they refused to refund my money for a back log of charges on a second vehicle that wasn't suppose to be covered at all for a total of 9 months @ $50 because someone incorrectly wrote the policy. What is worse, I called the office SEVERAL times and left messages, wrote e-mails trying to correct this and no one would respond to any of them. I work 70+ hour work weeks, I don't have time to play games and I need to be covered, I travel for work. Finally I called from my business line only to get someone to answer,they were literally screening my calls. Patrick Foster never once spoke to me personally, he left all the work to the new front desk person. No one was professional in this office, Constant excuses as to why no one responded to e-mails and phone calls. At one point an excuse was "I was in vacation" I'm sorry? is there no one at the office when you leave? I got the complete run around. I was told none of my money could be refunded back to me, unfortunately they told me it was all on the corporate end and underwriting wouldn't allow it. I called the State Farm 1-800 number, only to find out Patrick Foster Office had been lying to me the entire time and it was up to them personally to refund my money and there was nothing corporate could do. I was financially held accountable for Patrick Fosters mistakes and never once received an apology or a way of compensation. State Farm 1-800 RECOMMENDED that I cancel and move to a different Agent or company. Their own company recommended me canceling. If that doesn't speak in volumes I don't know what does. State Farm is a great company known across the nation for great coverage, but unless you want complete head aches, continuous battles and no one will call you back for weeks for months on end and possible vehicle repossession. DO NOT choose this agency to represent you, it is border line fraudulent. I lost several hundreds of dollars without any chance of seeing it again and had to battle this out for 9 months. The absolute worst service I have ever received and a sorry excuse for being professional. $136/mo when I switched to Geico I got better coverage and it was only $52/mo and I know I'm covered.
I've never had so many issues as with this company....Processing error, tremendous back-payment, then after all my financial struggling to pay everything off on-time and still having a perfect driving record - my policy rate increased....Don't pocket people's money.
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