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Langley is a town in Island County, Washington, United States near the eastern end of the north shore of the south end of Whidbey Island. It is the third largest incorporated area on Whidbey. The population was 1,035 at the 2010 census, while the ZCTA for Langley's post office had a population of 4,878. The geographical area of the city is only 0.8 square miles (2.1 km²) but the ZCTA includes 26.20 square miles (67.86 km²).
Langley is a tourist destination and many businesses in immediate area promote themselves in tourist pamphlets available around the world. Langley is home to a 1930s era movie theatre, a grocery store of the same vintage, and several restaurants.
Langley is served by Island County Fire District#3 the Langley Police Department, and is the home of the South Whidbey School District#206. The current mayor is Paul Samuelson (2008–2012), and the acting police chief is Randy Heston.