Eleanor, WV


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Eleanor is a town in Putnam County, West Virginia, U.S., along the Kanawha River. Its population was 1,345 at the 2000 census. The town was established as a New Deal project in the 1930s and named for Eleanor Roosevelt. Like other FDR towns (Greenbelt, MD; Greenhills, OH; Greendale, WI; Hanford, WA; Norris, TN; etc.), it was a sundown town, for whites only.
Eleanor was established in 1934, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt visited the county and developed it as a test site for families. When the town was built the houses were built to look very similar to one another and are now referred to as old Eleanor houses. There are two schools in Eleanor, George Washington Elementary School and George Washington Middle School. G.W. Middle was burned down in 2000 by three students who attended the school at the time.[citation needed]http://eleanorwv.20m.com/p36.htm
Eleanor is located at 38°32′21″N 81°55′52″W / 38.53917°N 81.93111°W / 38.53917; -81.93111 (38.539037, -81.931046).