12 Days of Giving: The Gift of Love

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

This is the twelfth, and last, part of  our special “12 Days of Giving” series running for the holiday season. It’s a little different from what you might think of as traditional presents or giving. We aren’t really talking about stuff you buy or a gift list. Rather, on these 12 days, we will be talking about different gifts that you can give to yourself, or others — those that have a deeper meaning, that can help you live with intention, be happier, be healthier. Soul gifts, you might even call them. Join us on the journey.

Over the past 12 days, I’ve written about the gifts of:











Today, to end the series on Christmas Eve, this will be a very short post. I just want to wish you all the gift of love, for the rest of the holidays (whichever ones you celebrate) and into the new year.

I wish everyone in the Trading Places Village more love, joy, kindness, and everything good, in the coming year. And I look forward to many more adventures together in 2019!

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