Amazing Time Lapse Videos Made From Tourist Photos Online

Photo by: YouTube/Ricardo Martin Brualla

A research team from the University of Washington has done something very cool with all of your tourist shots.

The team has created a program that scans the web (called mining in geek speak) and collects tourist shots of landmarks, city-capes, natural attractions, and common viewpoints over a number of years. If you watch a regular time-lapse video you’ll notice the flicker that results from changing lighting, background, etc…but these researchers have found a way to stabilize the images so that changes such as buildings being constructed, waterfalls changing course, and glaciers shrinking become the focus of these amazing videos.

Check out the short video here, which shows some very cool examples of the process and results using well known landmarks including Lombard Street in San Francisco, Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica, Taughannock Falls in New York, and building construction on the Las Vegas Strip.

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