Best Airport Hotels in Hong Kong

By: George Adelman
A prosperous city in the clouds kan wang / Getty Images

Hong Kong is a place that accepts and celebrates individuality without singling it out. You can be whoever you wish to be in the Chinese Administrative Region, and nobody will question your choices or treat you differently because of them. Moreover, the urbanized town holds an eclectic mix of ethnicities and cultures melded together, making Hong Kong a safe haven for anyone looking for a destination to blend in. In the words of the famous British journalist, Peter Jon Lindbergh, “Life in Hong Kong transcends cultural and culinary borders, such that nothing is truly foreign and nothing doesn’t belong.”

The beautifully articulated quote succinctly captures the essence of homey Hong Kong, where everyone blends together into one coalesced form like there is no difference between locals and foreigners. Maybe it’s the welcoming vibe of Hong Kong, its scenic skylines and tasty foods, or a bit of both features that woos travelers, forcing them to visit the Asia’s world city over and over. Naturally, being such a favored spot, Hong Kong houses many resplendent hotels providing the most comfortable accommodations to visitors. So when you fly into the Hong Kong International Airport or HKG, which is the airport abbreviation, make sure to book a night at these trusted hotels.

Here’s a quick overview of all the best airport hotels in the Hong Kong region for your next trip.


Regal Hotel

Regal is the airport’s flagship hotel harboring more than a thousand rooms for the worn-out traveler. The interior of the lodge is sleek and business-like with matching facilities, including indoor and outdoor pools, spas, and seven restaurants. The rooms at the Regal Hotel are spacious but lack personality; however, the stunning view of the South China Sea makes up for that.


Sky City Marriott Hotel

The Sky City Marriott hotel is the lushest of all the airport lodges. The five-star facility offers modernist rooms with plush beds stuffed with feathers (the princess from the princess and the pea would sleep on them without trouble!).

Other top-notch services at the hotel include five upscale restaurants and the award-winning Quan spa. Guests can also request the free shuttle service to the airport when needed. All-in-all, the Sky City Marriott hotel is an ideal spot for the jet-lagged traveler.


Novotel Hotel

The Novotel hotel is the most economical option among all airport accommodations and offers a quintessential Hong Kong vibe to foreigners. Housed in a skyscraper that looks like a massive tv screen, the inn provides all the standard housing facilities to guests, including chic interiors, a pool, and a pair of eateries. Stayers also get a complimentary shuttle service to the airport every 15 minutes and 24/7 access to one of the largest malls in the city, Tung Chung mall, and Hong Kong metro.


Tai-O Heritage Hotel

True to its name, the Tai-O Heritage Hotel carries a significant touch of history. The colonial-era edifice holds beautifully revamped rooms with stunning views of the South China Sea and stilt houses. The glass-roofed restaurant on the hotel’s terrace is a selling point for the facility; however, the shabby stalls on the streets serve some of the best seafood in Hong Kong.

One geographical technicality to consider about the Tai-O hotel is its location, which is not Hong Kong. The heritage lodge lies 30-mins away from the central city on Lantau Island. Though people staying on the island are away from the mainland, they enjoy quick access to Hong Kong Disneyland and Ngong Ping cable chair.

Explore the city teeming with splendid skyscrapers during the day and rest peacefully at night in any of the mentioned airport hotels.