Everything You Need to Know About Puerto Rico in the Caribbean

By: George Adelman
The beautiful island of Puerto Rico

Located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico in the Caribbean is a beautiful archipelago and has long been a popular destination among American travelers as well as tourists. This Spanish-speaking island is one of the best Caribbean islands destinations travelers flock to for its tropical climate and stunning beaches.

It’s part of the Greater Antilles and consists of one big island along with many smaller ones.

Puerto Rico’s location is one of the most important factors that have made it not only a popular travel destination but also a strategic port for so many years!


The Geography of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s main island is almost 110 miles long and 35 miles wide, covering an area of 3,515 square miles.

Puerto Rico comprises numerous offshore islands, but there are two most important ones that are inhabited year-round, namely: Culebra and Vieques.

The island is surrounded by some of the deepest waters, such as the Puerto Rico Trench, which is popularly known as the deepest trench in the Atlantic Ocean.


Weather and Climate

The weather in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean is generally consistent all throughout the year. The average temperature here is 79 degrees, which also consistent.

The rainy season tends to stay all year, but the wet season in particular starts in May and ends in October. Of all these months, August is known to be the wettest month and also marks the beginning of the hurricane season.


The Beauty of Puerto Rico

From the exceptional food, rich history, and interesting culture to truly majestic mountains and stunning pristine beaches, one simply can’t look past the alluring beauty of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico is also often referred to as the ’sun-kissed Caribbean paradise,’ which goes to show how beautiful it is!

It is known for its flora and fauna, given how thousands of varieties of tropical plants grow in this region.


San Juan, the Capital City of Puerto Rico

When you talk about Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, you certainly can’t help mention its capital city, San Juan. It is arguably also the capital of the Caribbean.

This beautiful city is known for its pulsating energy and features some of the most spectacular sights and sounds that are prevalent all throughout the city.

San Juan has many different neighborhoods, some of which include the charming Old City, Condado, also known as Gambler’s paradise, Santurce, known for its galleries, the ever peaceful and serene Ocean Park, as well as Isla Verde.

The beauty of Puerto Rico’s capital city lies in the fact that it has a little something for everyone. From historical sites, fascinating museums, and top-notch restaurants to stunning architecture, vibrant bars, and exotic nightclubs, you will find a bit of everything here.

If you ever happen to visit San Juan, the best way to explore popular sites in this is on foot!