Fun-Filled Turtle Watching In Puerto Rico

By: George Adelman  | 
Turtle Resting on Puerto Rican Beach
Turtle watching in Puerto Rico

Have you ever gone to the beach for turtle watching?

It’s such a fun, peaceful experience that can really teach you a thing or two about nature and its amazing species.

Puerto Rico is one of the best Caribbean islands full of so many beachy spots where you can go for turtle watching.

You are likely to find three turtle species in particular there because interestingly, they really like visiting Puerto Rico! These include Green Sea Turtles and the Leatherback that are often found around the beaches of Culebra, and the Hawksbill Turtle, one of the smaller turtle varieties with a permanent sanctuary on Mona Island.


Experience Turtle Watching In Puerto Rico

turtle in the beach
Sea turtle in the beach of Puerto Rico
Stephen Frink / Getty Images

Some people go turtle watching for a peaceful experience, some do it for fun, and others do it to learn all about turtles and their way of life.

Whatever your reason might be, it’s essential that you do it in an eco-friendly way without disturbing the turtles in any way. The lives of these turtles depend on safe nesting grounds that are void of any human activity, so it’s best to watch them without getting in their way.

If you wish to experience turtle watching in Puerto Rico, there are many hotels that invite guests and tourists to join them in an exciting turtle watching activity during the turtle nesting season. The period from February to August is usually when groups of turtles are found nesting on Puerto Rico’s beaches and the outlying islands.


The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort

leatherback turtle in beach
A leatherback turtle in the beach of Puerto Rico
Robert Pickett / Getty Images

With a beautiful pristine beachfront, The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort features 483 acres of natural reserve, making it an ideal spot for turtle watching. It is particularly known for enchanting Leatherback turtle watching, and if you get lucky, you might even get to see the hatching of the protected sea turtles nests as the little turtles find their way back to the ocean.

It’s such an incredible experience, and if it is your first time turtle watching, you will probably want to go back for more.

One also has to applaud the efforts of the conservation team here which have led to this beach resort being recognized as the Caribbean’s first and only Audubon International Certified Gold Signature Sanctuary resort.


Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa

baby turtle in the beach
Baby turtles crawling the to the sea in the beach in Puerto Rico during sunset
Nino H. Photography / Getty Images

This beach resort in Puerto Rico has a lovely stretch of beach where a variety of turtle species, including Green Sea Turtles, Hawksbill, and Leatherback come to lay their eggs. You can witness the hatching of little baby turtles, which is such a heartwarming experience, to say the least.

While you might be tempted to click some pictures during your turtle watching activity, know that female turtles prefer dark and quiet nesting beaches. So, it’s best that you avoid using strong flashlights, flashing pictures, and making a lot of noise in order to have a wholesome experience without disturbing the turtles.