The Safest Cities In Europe For Women to Travel Alone

By: Clarissa Vanner  | 
A woman stands in front of the Pyramid, the main entrance to the Louvre museum as visitors queue outside in Paris on March 4, 2020. - The Louvre in Paris, the world's most visited museum, reopened after staff ended coronavirus walkou following a two days closing, after staff refused for a second day running to work due to coronavirus fears. (Photo by Philippe LOPEZ / AFP) (Photo by PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP via Getty Images) Phillippe Lopez / Getty Images

Europe is full of beautiful places that are rich in history, architecture, and breathtaking landscapes just waiting to be explored! Traveling solo is a great experience everyone should try at least once. The best part is you will have the freedom to make your own schedule without having to listen to the opinions of others.

While there are unsafe areas such as Europe’s most dangerous city, Kaunas in Lithuania, there are plenty of other safe cities you can explore. Many cities are even offering female-friendly hotels making it easier to meet other female solo travelers. That said, it is still a good idea to practice proper safety precautions such as informing someone of your itinerary and checking in every few days, as well as keeping your passport and money in a safe place. So before you embark on your unforgettable journey check out our list of the safest cities in Europe for women to travel alone.


Reykjavik, Iceland

reykjavik iceland
Elevated view over Reykjavik, Iceland
Travelpix Ltd / Getty Images

Iceland has been beckoning female solo travelers for as long as it can remember and is rated as the number one safest country in the world. If you love the outdoors and enjoy adventures this is definitely the destination for you. There are plenty of thrilling outdoor activities from glacier hiking in the Pingvellir National Park to skiing at Blafjoll and Viking horse riding at Thingvellir.

If you aren’t the outdoorsy type, don’t worry there is plenty for you to do here including the chance to relax and de-stress in one of the many thermal pools and spas across the city. If you’re lucky you may even get to witness the breathtaking Northern lights (Aurora Borealis). This city happens to be notoriously expensive though and we highly suggest staying at a hostel instead of a hotel to save money.


Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh scotland
A view over Edinburgh starting from the the Georgian New Town and leading on to the Medieval Old Town.
John and Tina Reid / Getty Images

Between the beautiful landscapes, ancient castles, and rich history, Scotland has a lot to offer. Scotland, a region of the United Kingdom ranks 45 on the Global Peace Index and is considered safe for female solo travelers. But the best place to visit would be Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. If you visit in August, there is a month-long arts festival called Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This festival offers theatrical performances, comedy shows, and many other activities that would be perfect for a female solo traveler, especially if you’re hoping to meet new people.

Moreover, consider taking a guided tour of the Edinburgh Castle and take in the medieval architecture. After visiting the castle, be sure to head to Calton Hill which is a high point in the city where you can take in an unparalleled view of the city. Finally, finish your day at a local pub and indulge in authentic food while meeting the locals.


Berlin, Germany

berlin germany
Elevated view of of Berlin at twilight from the Fernsehturm TV tower in Alexanderplatz
Allan Baxter / Getty Images

Berlin is Germany’s capital and is home to 3.5 million residents. Berlin is full of history and culture and would be an excellent place to explore on your own. There are many restaurants, markets, and cafes in Berlin that will make you feel comfortable dining alone.

Discover what this city has to offer by taking a free walking tour, use the bike-sharing program, or hop on public transportation. Be sure to check out the Brandenburg Gate, and the Holocaust Memorial, as well as the remnants of the Berlin Wall.


Bruges, Belgium

bruges belgium
Canals in the city in Bruges, Belgium
Gonzalo Azumendi / Getty Images

If you are a solo female traveler looking to immerse yourself into a fairy tale this would be the city to visit. Straight off a postcard, the city of Bruges is loaded with cobblestone streets, historic houses and canals. It is here where you will be inspired to take long strolls throughout the streets and enjoy Belgian pints of beer from street-side cafes.

This city is very safe, for all travelers and welcomes visitors, especially in the summertime when it becomes peak travel season. There is a range of good hotels along with budget hostels that will meet any traveler’s budget. English is also widely understood throughout. Female travelers will feel safe as locals are willing to lend a hand if needed and are more than happy to give advice on where to go, what to see, and where to grab the next pint of beer.


Santorini, Greece

santorini greece
Santorini sunset at dawn village of Oia Greece
Grafissimo / Getty Images

Santorini, Greece is full of breathtaking scenery including beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea, black sand beaches and picturesque white villas. This is definitely a destination that you’ll want to add to your travel wish list. While many people travel to Santorini with a partner or friend, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel there alone.

With friendly locals and an affordable bus system, you’ll be able to navigate your way across the city effortlessly. Spend the day relaxing at the beach and then indulge in authentic Greek food at one of the local restaurants.


Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm sweden
The photo is taken at sunset/twilight in Stockholm, Sweden
Maria Swärd / Getty Images

Built over 14 islands and connected by over 50 bridges this lovely cosmopolitan city is home to more than two million people. It is known for its gorgeous modern architecture, friendly people, and dazzling waterways. Women are treated equally like men here which means solo female travelers will face no issues in terms of harassment, drink spiking, or pickpocketing.

There are many budget-friendly hostels located throughout the city that are both affordable and safe, and a great way to connect with other travelers. This is also a great city to experience the Nordic culture and to enjoy the delicious local cuisine. English is widely spoken here and women will have no trouble finding people to talk to, tours to take, and culture to experience here in Stockholm.


Paris, France

paris france
Paris cityscape with Eiffel Tower at sunset
Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

Paris, France is known as the city of love. So it may seem ironic that one would travel there alone. But exploring this beautiful city alone means that you don’t have to abide by anyone else’s opinions or plans. Better yet, exploring the city is easy and it’s recommended that you explore on foot or using the metro system.

With so much to see and do, your days will be filled up with adventure and exploring. Be sure to check out the iconic Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Arc de Triomphe. We also highly recommend that you enjoy a bottle of wine and baguette all to yourself!


London, England

london england
Aerial view of City of London at sunset looking west
Howard Kingsnorth / Getty Images

London is a beautiful bustling city of England. Not only is this city safe for solo travelers but it’s easy to explore using the city’s public transportation system. There are also plenty of great hostels, hotels, Airbnb’s, and other accommodations at your disposal.

Don’t miss your chance to visit the iconic Buckingham Palace and be sure to take a tour of the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral. There are also plenty of other museums you may enjoy exploring. At the end of the day, head to a local pub where you can meet the locals and indulge in traditional British food such as fish and chips, or a Toad in the hole.


Oslo, Norway

oslo norway
Cityscape of Oslo, Norway
Mats Anda / Getty Images

Oslo is a dream for female solo travelers but it can be a bit expensive at times. Oslo is Norway’s largest city and a great cultural city destination that is overflowing with things to see and do. Female solo travelers will feel safe no matter where they stay but may feel some extra comfort if they choose to stay on the women-only floor of the 130-year old Grand Hotel. The rooms are equipped with a yoga mat, toiletries, books, magazines, and a female room-service menu, without the room service charge!

Spend a day wandering around the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is 80 acres, and features 212 bronze and granite sculptures. You may even meet other solo travelers who will become quick friends. You may also enjoy going to one of the many trendy nightclubs or theaters with new-found travel friends for an unforgettable experience.


Dublin, Ireland

dublin ireland
People walking on the Half Penny Bridge at sunset, Dublin Ireland
maydays / Getty Images

Ireland is a very safe country and ranks 12th on the safest countries list, according to the Global Peace Index. As a female solo traveler, you will feel comfortable dining alone and you may even run into another solo traveler during your stay.

Ireland’s capital city is laden with historic buildings including the beautiful Dublin Castle. Some other great places to see are the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the National Museum of Ireland, and so much more.


Vienna, Austria

vienna austria
Stephansplatz square and St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria
Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

Austria is ranked number 4 on the Global Peace Index, which means it is an excellent and safe country for female solo travelers to visit. Vienna, the capital of Austria has earned the name of “city with the highest quality of life” several years in a row.

Vienna is full of breathtaking architecture, music, and history. There are plenty of museums to visit, such as Sigmund Freud’s house. This museum will help you understand why Vienna is known as the “city of dreams”. You may also want to make a stop at Prater park to see the iconic Riesenrad Ferris wheel landmark. Finally, be sure to head to a local restaurant and try authentic Austrian food such as Wiener Schnitzel (a thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet), Sachertorte (chocolate torte), or an Apfelstrudel (apple strudel).


Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon portugal
Lisbon cityscape with St. George Castle at sunset
Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

Portugal is a great country to visit and it ranks 3rd on the Global Peace Index. We recommend starting your solo journey in Lisbon. This bustling city in Portugal offers many safe and affordable hostels that are perfect for solo travelers.

Lisbon is also full of rugged yet wonderful architecture and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. During your stay, you can enjoy a relaxing beach day all to yourself. You may also enjoy exploring the Castelo de S. Jorge or the Jerónimos Monastery. Exploring this beautiful city is easy and can be done either by public transportation, on foot, or by bike.


Cardiff, Wales

cardiff wales
A daybreak view of the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff
A Richard Poolton Image / Getty Images

Cardiff is the capital and largest city of Wales. This city is also considered one of Britain’s safer cities and for that reason, it is Wales’s most popular tourist destination. Along with being a safe city, Cardiff is full of culture, is home to many beautiful castles, and if you meet the locals they’ll surely share some of their ancient Welsh legends.

Students also make up about 10% of Cardiff’s population which means younger female solo travelers will surely be well taken care of. During your stay be sure to check out the National Museum, Cardiff Bay, and the Cardiff Castle.


Helsinki, Finland

helsinki finland
Aerial view of Hakaniemi and Kaisaniemi districts in downtown Helsinki in summer
Miemo Penttinen - / Getty Images

The capital of Finland is one of the best cities for female solo travelers, thanks to its friendly locals, and its reputation for being safe and beautiful. This walkable city is loaded with lovely parks, free city events, music, and shopping. You’ll enjoy the 20th-century architecture, as well as popular attractions like the Helsinki Cathedral and the National Museum of Finland.

One of the best things to do when you first get into the city is to take a walking tour, in order to fully appreciate the city’s cultural heritage. One cannot travel here without taking a dip in the Yrjönkatu Indoor Swimming Pool, (the oldest pool) built-in 1928. It was recently renovated to house three pools and wonderful saunas and happens to be a popular place where women meet after work.


Prague, Czech Republic

prague czech republic
Charles bridge in Prague early in the morning.
photo by Miroslav Petrasko / Getty Images

Immerse yourself in the captivating culture of the Czech Republic by visiting its capital, Prague. There is an abundance of things to see and do in this wonderful city.

Prague is not only a beautiful place to visit but the Czech Republic ranks in the top 10 safest cities in the world according to the Global Peace Index. Consider meeting other solo travelers by taking a walking tour, or keep to yourself and explore one of their many museums. You may also enjoy watching a show at the State Opera.


Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen denmark
Boats and people on harbour in Copenhagen, Denmark
Scott E Barbour / Getty Images

The capital of Denmark is a vibrant and colorful city, which still manages to maintain a small-town atmosphere. New meets old in this fairytale-like city that features ancient buildings and towering glass and steel skyscrapers. Many of the state-run museums in this city are free admission which is perfect if you’re traveling on a budget. You also can’t miss out on visiting the world’s oldest amusement park, Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park.

This city offers a unique experience that is perfect for female solo travelers called ‘Meet the Danes.’ This service arranges home-dinners with a Danish family or a single woman and her friend. Expect a traditional Danish meal and plenty of conversation with your new-found friends. Finally, don’t miss the goddess Gefjun fountain that depicts the mythology of Denmark’s creation and magic within Norse religion.


Barcelona, Spain

barcelona spain
Church of La Sagrada Familia from Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain
Eloi_Omella / Getty Images

Barcelona is known for its picturesque architecture and art and would be a great destination for solo travelers. For starters, the public transportation system is excellent. You’ll have the option of taking a bus, metro, trains, or trams. That said you can still see many attractions on foot too. While Barcelona is generally safe, it’s always important to still take precautions such as keeping your personal belongings close by to prevent pickpocketing and don’t flash around money or expensive belongings.

During your stay be sure to check out the Sagrada Familia church, designed by Antoni Gaudi, and the Picasso Museum. There are also many other amazing monuments worth seeing such as Santa Maria del Mar, Arc de Triomf, and Cascada Monumental.


Zurich, Switzerland

zurich switzerland
Zurich old town by the Limmat river on a sunny summer day in Switzerland largest city
@ Didier Marti / Getty Images

Snow-capped Alps loom in the background, museums and art galleries line the streets and the nightlife is something to speak of. Female travelers will also have ample shopping opportunities as tailors, metalsmiths, candle makers, jewelry makers and watchmakers fill the streets.

Choices of accommodations are endless here and if you feel nervous at all in this city we suggest heading over to Lady’s First Design Hotel, which was built especially for female travelers. The ancient center is the perfect place to stroll through the winding lanes and look up to the tall church steeples, stopping for coffee at sidewalk cafes. Further, Zuri-West is where to find the hottest nightlife in the city, just in case you are looking to meet new friends.


Sorento, Italy

sorento italy
View of the town and the seaside in a summer sunset in Sorento, Italy
Francesco Riccardo Iacomino / Getty Images

Sorento is a coastal town located in the southwestern part of Italy. This charming town faces the Bay of Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Be sure to make your way to Piazza Tasso, a central square in Sorrento that offers plenty of restaurants and shopping. Here you can try their famous Gelato, or drink a cup of delicious coffee.

Not only is there a lot to see and do in Sorrento, but it’s also a popular vacation spot for Europeans. This means that you’ll hear a lot of English in both the restaurants and in the streets of Sorrento. You’ll also find that it is easy to navigate around the town which ensures your experience will be stress-free.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam netherlands
Herengracht Canal, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Greg Gibb Photography / Getty Images

Amsterdam is also known as “Venice of the North” because it has many beautiful canals. This charming city has something for every type of female traveler whether you enjoy history, meeting new people, or prefer to simply take in the scenic view.

According to the Global Peace Index, the Netherlands ranks in the top 20 of the safest places in the world. Some of the city’s most popular attractions include the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank’s House, Dam Square, Rembrandt House Museum, and so much more. You’ll also enjoy wandering the cobblestone streets and be sure to indulge at one of the local cafes.