Take a Hike: 10 Famous Mountains Anyone Can Climb

By: Angela Ayles

The misconception some people have about the toughness and perils of mountain climbing can easily be dispelled. Mountaineering isn’t just about carrying along ropes, ice axes, cams and crampons. You don’t have to head for the Himalayas, the Andes or scale the remote ranges of Antarctica. Throw those old notions about the dangers of mountain climbing over the cliff. Explore the details of these 10 famous mountains anyone can climb.


1. Mount Fuji

It has been said that Japan’s Mount Fuji is the world’s most climbed mountain. At 12,388 feet, it is Japan’s tallest summit. It is located on Honshu Island 100 kilometers outside of Tokyo. The official climbing season is during the months of July and August. The view is spectacular with sunrises and sunsets being especially awesome.

Mount Fuji 1

2. Table Mountain, South Africa

This flat-topped mountain is 3,558 feet high and rises over beautiful Cape Town. It is reported to have over 300 hiking trails. People love to reach the summit for the view. The easiest climb is through the Back Table via the Jeep Track. For extra incentive, there is a cafe at the top of Table Mountain. It is a bit expensive though, so don’t drop your wallet on the way up.

Table Mountain, South Africa

3. Half-Dome, USA

Overlooking Yosemite Valley is the stony Half Dome, one of the world’s most stunning rock formations. The hiking trail here starts in the valley at Happy Isles. At 8,835 feet the views across Yosemite are breath-taking. There are reassuring steel cables along the last leg of the climb along the northeast shoulder.

Half-Dome, USA

4. Colorado’s Fourteeners

Not all of these 55 Colorado peaks are too challenging for the beginner. All in the range of 14,000 feet,some are excellent for learning basic mountain climbing and hiking skills. Stay on the standard hiking trails and away from places like Longs Peak and Capitol Peak where you will need climbing equipment and advanced mountain climbing skills.

Colorado's Fourteeners


5. Mt. Sinai, Egypt

If Moses climbed down with stone tablets, this mountain should be a breeze to climb. The 7,246 ascend begins at St. Catherine’s Monastery. Take the camel trail or the famous 3,750 Steps of Repentance. The lofty summit takes around 2 hours to reach by the trail. The view of bare mountains and deep valleys is spectacular and well worth the climb.

Mt. Sinai, Egypt

6. Mount Olympus, Greece

At 9,570, Mount Olympus is Greece’s highest mountain and home of the mythical Olympian gods. Begin at the tiny town of Prionia. It will take much of two days to reach Mytikas, the highest peak and then return back down again. Be sure to sign the visitor’s register.

Mount Olympus, Greece

7. Kilimanjaro, Africa

It sounds scary, but Kilimanjaro actually has several different peaks. The lowest is the dormant volcano Shira at a little over 13,000 feet. Trips up to the peaks are divided into six itineraries. The easiest one is the Marangu itinerary.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

8. Ben Nevis, Scotland

The UK’s highest mountain is not very tall. Ben Nevis is a mere 3,900 feet high. Walkers and climbers crowd this little mountain to follow the Mountain Track. For a bit more of a challenge, try the peak of Carn Mor Dearg which has a thrilling rock ridge.

Ben Nevis, Scotland

9. Mount Elbrus, Russia

The twin peaks of Mount Elbrus are surprisingly Europe’s highest point at 18,510 feet. It straddles the Russia-Georgia border. It is much less daunting to climb than it looks. There is even a chair lift to get you started. Camp 11 is above the chair lift and the summit can be reached in eight hours.

Mount Elbrus, Russia


10. Jebel Toubkal, Morocco 

At 13,671, Jebel Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa. Even so, it is an easy climb. Two hours from Marrakesh by car is the village of Imlil where the trail begins. The greatest challenge is the long scree slopes where the walking experience turns into something like quicksand.

Jebel Toubkal, Morocco