Top Movie Theaters in Austin

By: George Adelman
Signage outside a movie theater

The capital city of the state of Texas, Austin, is primarily known for two things; its friendly settings and burgeoning food scene. The locals in town are super nice and welcoming, and the food is culinary greatness foodified on a plate. From fresh tangy tacos to succulent hotdogs and barbecues, fare in Austin is divine. The city’s skyline is widely praised for its enthralling design at sunset; Austin sees one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, draping the sky in wavy streaks of hues every evening. Because of the picturesque view of the Austin sky, the city is fondly referred to as the City Of Violet Crowns.

The food, mood, and sky in the capital city of Texas bring much praise to its name. But that’s not all. Austin also houses some of the most modernistic facilities in America, such as technologically advanced movie theaters that offer an incredible experience to movie buffs of all ages. Here’s a rundown of some of the best cinemas in Austin, Texas.


Alamo Draft House at the Ritz

Though not a massive cinema, Alamo Draft House is still every bit as grand as a world-class theater. It only has two screens, but the auditoriums holding those are laced with state-of-the-art screening and sound systems. Cinema-goers can order food from their seats and get it delivered within minutes without missing out on the scenes.

While all these offerings make Alamo a great facility, what sets it apart is the many events held at the theater. Quote-along themed dinners and the ever-hilarious Master Pancake Theater that mocks the action on-screen make this Austin cinema the go-to spot of true movie buffs.


Violet Crown Cinema

Perhaps paying homage to the city’s violet skies, Violet Crown Cinema, is the most luxurious screening facility in town. The theater plays mainstream and independent films with incredible zeal, attracting people from all over Austin. The lush reclining seats placed in the auditoriums of Violet Crown Cinema makeup for an unforgettable experience every time.

Visitors can also gorge on gourmet meals and crafty cocktails in the facility’s dining room and interact with fellow cinephiles. In-house snacking during the film is also available, though you can’t order food from your seat.


IMAX Theater at the Bob Bullock

Although IMAX Theater’s design highlights the history of Texas, films shown at the movie house are not just historical but range from classical pieces to the latest features.

Cinema-goers not only get to watch entertainment films but also catch up on all educational movies. The advanced sound effect system at the IMAX Theater delivers realistic sound effects, and the seats also vibrate from time to time to enhance the watcher’s experience. IMAX also has one of the most high-tech laser systems in town.


Cinemark Southpark Meadows

Cinemark Southpark Meadows is hands-down the best cinema in far South Austin, offering stadium seating and two types of 3D projections; real and HFR. The Cinemark movie house is also extensively praised for its clean rooms and well-maintained hygiene, even during rush hours.

Enjoy movies at these modern theaters to live through a memorable experience!