Top Restaurants In Washington, DC With Stunning Views

By: George Adelman  | 
Restaurant in Washington, DC with stunning views

Restaurants are surely all about amazing food, having a memorable culinary experience, and playing with new flavors and ingredients. But more than that, they are also about the location and exotic views.

Imagine eating delicious food at a restaurant that overlooks the sea – sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Some restaurants in Washington, DC, give you exactly that – extraordinary food with stunning views!

Take a look at some of the top restaurants in Washington, DC, where the views will truly leave you in awe.


The Skydome Restaurant

Fancy a 360-degree view of Washington, DC? The Skydome Restaurant in Arlington is the best place for that! It is located at the top of a 15-story building and is also a revolving restaurant!

It offers some of the most incredible views of the city, including the United States Capitol as well as the Washington Monument.

While enjoying these stunning views from this DC neighborhood, you get to devour some delicious dishes from its full dining menu featuring grilled rib eye steaks, burgers, seafood, and so much more!


Crimson View

This restaurant brings you a bird’s eye view of Washington, DC’s Chinatown, a historic area located downtown.

The top-level of Crimson View allows you to catch absolutely breathtaking views of the Washington Monument that looks even more beautiful in the evening with the backdrop of pretty sunsets.

Add more magic to your experience with the View’s menu that features varieties of cocktails, wine options, and foods like oysters, chips & dips, and artisanal cheese boards.


The Lafayette

As the name suggests, this restaurant in Washington, DC, directly overlooks Lafayette Square and the White House.

The Lafayette is an upscale restaurant that makes you feel like you are traveling back in time as you will notice elegant and unique china on the table and its waiters sporting sport coats.

If you are looking for fine dining with a view, this is the place to go.



With floor-to-ceiling windows and contemporary art displayed all throughout the restaurant, Sequoia is one of those restaurants in Washington, DC, that are truly worth the visit!

It’s located on the banks of Potomac River and offers some of the most spectacular views of the Virginia Skyline, Roosevelt Island, the Kennedy Center, and Arne Quinze’s sculpture in the garden.

Whether you choose to dine outside on the terrace, their private dining room, or on the mezzanine, prepare yourself to see some beautiful views that will truly elevate your entire dining experience!


Good Food and Great Views – Washington, DC At Its Best

There are so many other restaurants in Washington, DC that present some majestic views, but for now, you absolutely must visit the ones mentioned above!

After all, what makes a dining affair even more incredible is the location of the restaurant, beautiful scenery, an elegant atmosphere, and of course, something for your eyes to feast on while you devour delicious food!