Our Top Travel YouTubers

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Our top Travel YouTubers…

Ever wanted to go to exotic locations or on amazing adventures in far-flung places? Ever thought of what it takes to follow those travel dreams? Ever since YouTube came along there has been an influx of travel bloggers documenting their every move, making it possible to see the wonders of the world. From Miniseries, How too’s and an endless supply of travel information, you never know quite where to start! Below, we have selected our recommended ‘go-to’ channels with endless hours of all things travel, food and fun. We hope you enjoy watching them as mush as we do!

Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries

Along with the TV program Departures, Karl Watson’s YouTube travel series HK2NY (Hong Kong to New York) was one of the main inspirations for planning our own round the world trip. HK2NY is a backpacking documentary series featuring Karl and friend James, traveling over 4 continents and 20 countries. Starting in Hong Kong and finishing in New York they traveled for 9 months visiting countries such as China, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Panama and much more. 11 episodes long, each one lasting 30 – 40 minutes showcases Karl and James adventures on their round the world trip, not only very informative and inspirational but very funny. Karl also has some other great videos on his channel including a trip to Tibet and Nepal, go and check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Keep tuned in the coming days for an interview with Karl, you can find out all about his travels and tips for filming your own travel adventures.

UPDATE: Check out the interview we did with Karl here!



Mark and Alex are two half Californian/half Kiwi brothers. Originally winning the Biggest, Baddest, Bucket list global travel video contest back in 2013 which secured them the ultimate prize of a six-month round the world trip. They documented the trip through videos which can be found here. Since then they launched the Vagabrothers YouTube channel uploading travel videos from all around the World.


Nomad’er How Far

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, long or short-term this channel is a must to subscribe to. Follow the adventures of Taran and Hannah as they spend two years working and exploring in Australia. They have some great videos of their adventures so far, from working on a farm to visiting some amazing beaches and whale watching. We also love the amazing shot’s they manage to capture with their GoPro, thanks for the tips!



We found this channel while looking at videos for the Poon Hill trek in Nepal. Nearly an hour of watching videos from this channel we were left starving! and a little bit jealous. Mark Weins the owner of Migrationology has a passion for all things food. He travels the world experiencing different cultures and what they eat. Most of his videos are food related, but he also has clips from his adventures including Nepal and the Philippines.

Backpacking Bananas

Fellow Brit Backpacking Bananas is our number one channel for all things travel. Whether you’re looking for noteworthy tips,  good advice or reviews this channel has it all. Her videos are really fun and humorous to watch, stuffed full of valuable information to help with your travels. We’ve literally spent hours watching her videos and always look forward to new clips.

Gabriel Traveler

When we first came across Gabriel Traveler YouTube’s channel we were quite taken back by how many videos he has managed to produce. We haven’t a clue how many are on there but getting through them one great video at a time. If you are planning on traveling to Nepal, India, Central or South America this channel is a must to visit. There is literally a ton of information to take in and watch so notebooks at the ready for this one, probably the most extensive travel channel we have come across.

BackPacker Steve

Backpacker Steve runs an English and German travel channel. The channel features a whole range of informative videos from a variety of different countries. From Argentina to Latvia, Backpacker Steve has filmed his backpacking adventures showing different cultures, scenery, and adventurous activities. Not only are his videos visually great, they are loaded with top travel tips and advice.

Expert Vagabond

Adventure travel is the main focus for Expert Vagabond YouTube’s Channel. Matthew Karsten, the man behind the camera has filmed an amazing amount of adventures on his travels around the world. You name it and he has more than likely filmed it. From swimming with sharks to riding an Ostrich, he has got an awesome array of videos. He also runs a pretty cool blog which can be found here.

Now you know who our favorite travel YouTubers are, why not check out our top travel bloggers!

We hope you have enjoyed our list, who know’s.. we may have introduced you to some new YouTube channels. Do you have any recommendations? Who are your favorite travel YouTubers? We would love to hear from you!

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