Vermont Scenic Drives

By: Miriam Carey
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Vermont scenic drives combine history, beautiful landscapes, and recreational opportunities such as hiking and skiing. But before gassing up and hitting the road, go to the links at the bottom of this page. They'll guide you to in-depth articles about two Vermont scenic drives -- Smugglers' Notch and Middlebury Gap -- that contain photos, highlights, and detailed maps.

With the exception of ski resort towns that can get lively in high season, Vermont is a quiet place. Snowfall can reach 100 inches a year, and the climate during winter is decidedly cold. Perhaps the climate, coupled with the state's relatively small size, accounts for the fact that it's the least populous state in the nation, but skiers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts arrive in Vermont in droves to populate the mountains.


Here's a preview of our articles on Vermont scenic drives:

Smugglers' Notch

Wind from the resort town of Stowe to Mount Mansfield on a route famous for the goods smuggled over it during the War of 1812 and Prohibition. These days, skiers and hikers enjoy the picturesque pass.

Middlebury Gap

Robert Frost lived and wrote in the Middlebury Gap region, an east-west route over mountains that gives drivers the feeling of cresting a wave. Begin at gorgeous Texas Falls and drive 16 miles of challenging mountain roads.


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