World’s 10 Most Breathtaking Waterfalls

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Waterfalls, also known as natural roller coasters, are breathtaking whatever height they fall from. Whether deep in the jungle or at the state park, they never fail to amaze you with their power and size, especially when you see them up close. Here are the world’s 10 most breathtaking waterfalls:

1. Iguacu Falls or Cataratas del Iguazu (Brazil/Argentina)

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The location of this magnificent waterfall, falling from a height of 270 m, is along the Iguazu River on Argentina and Brazil’s borders. The best time to see the falls is fall and spring (May to November).

2. Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya (Zimbabwe/Zambia)

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These falls are located along the Zambezi River, which is in between the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia, and were first discovered by David Livingstone. The water falls from a height of 355 feet and stretches over a mile. If you take a walk around the falls, you will essentially be walking around both countries. The best time to visit these falls is from November to April.

3. Niagara Falls (Canada/USA)

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Who hasn’t heard about Niagara Falls? These falls are truly breathtaking. Niagara Falls consists of 3 waterfalls – The Horseshoe Falls in Canada, the Bridal Veil Falls, and the American Falls in America. These falls have the highest rate of flow and fall from a height of 165 feet. Take a trip on the Maid of the Mist, the first boat to sail close to the falls. The best time to visit these falls is from April to October.

4. Reichenbach Falls (Switzerland)

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This beautiful landmark was the backdrop of Sherlock Holmes’ final stand. The waterfall is located in Bernese Oberland, amid its peaks and gorges. It falls from a height of 250 m. The famous cable railway from Willingen is located along the falls. The best time to visit is from the middle of May to the beginning of October.

5. Kaieteur Falls (Guyana)

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Located in the interior of Central Guyana’s National Park, the Kaieteur Falls fall from a height of 741 feet into the Potaro River. Charter a flight from Georgetown to reach the falls.

6. Yosemite Falls (U.S.A.)

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Located in Yosemite National Park, the water gushing from Yosemite Falls falls at a height of 2,425 feet. Located in California, U.S.A., you can visit them from late spring and up to early summer, after which they start trickling and are completely dry from August to September. Yosemite Falls are 3 waterfalls – Upper Yosemite, middle cascades, and Lower Yosemite.

7. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

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Located in Venezuela, Angel falls is considered the tallest waterfall in the world. Tourists who wish to visit the falls have to take a canoe trip lasting for 5 hours through Venezuela’s tropical forest to reach them. The water falls from a height of 3,212 feet. They are called Merepakupai Meru in the Pemon language of Venezuela. The best time to visit the falls is from May till November.

8. Gullfoss (Iceland)

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Iceland is a fairyland that will make you believe in goblins and elves. It has an otherworld landscape with huge glaciers, hot water spurts, beautifully colored mountains, geothermal springs, and captivating waterfalls. One of the most breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls is the Gullfoss waterfalls. It surges down in multi-steps and falls into a gash. You can see rainbows in the gash when the sun shines.

9. Sutherland Falls (New Zealand)

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These waterfalls originate from atop the mountains, overlooking Milford Sound. They are 1,904 feet high and are located in Fiordland National Park. You will need to hike on the Milford Track, a hiking trail in the Park, to reach the falls. These waterfalls are steady and fall at a steep slope, making them a true spectacle for many tourists.

10. Detian Waterfall (China/Vietnam)

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These waterfalls are located at the Vietnam Chinese border and stretch for nearly 170 miles. Take a bus from Nanning City in China to reach these 3-tiered waterfalls. They are called Detian on the Chinese side and Ban Gioc in Vietnam.

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