Four Oaks, NC


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Four Oaks is a town in Johnston County, North Carolina, United States. The population was 1,818 at the 2007 census.
Four Oaks was named by Colonel R. R. Bridgers in 1886 for an unusual sight that graced the land upon which he found himself. In 1850, thirty-seven years before there was a town of Four Oaks, Aaron Wallace went hunting. He "treed a possum" and as was the protocol of the day, he "felled the tree" to secure the possum.
Years later Kinchen Barbour purchased that land and built a nestled in a beautiful grove of oaks. None of the oaks were more appreciated or admired than the one closest to the house. This oak was actually four huge trees which had grown from the stump left by Wallace the possum hunter. It was the same oak so strongly admired by Col. Bridgers that he named his town in its honor.