Learn A New Language With Polly Lingual

Learn a new language while traveling
Learn a new language while traveling

Time to learn a new language?

To learn a new language is never easy but once you’ve succeeded in doing so it can be very rewarding and it will benefit your travels. Not only will it help you travel through a foreign country but also you’ll be able to speak to local people to find out things other tourists won’t know about. From our experience trying to speak the local language will earn you more respect from local residents and potentially open up more opportunities.

Whenever we travel we always try and learn some of the basic language for the country we are heading to, but apart from French (Dom actually got a higher grade in French than his native English language in his school exams) we’ve never had the time/motivation to learn a completely new language.

Not only is time and motivation a factor for not wanting to learn a new language but also finding a platform that makes learning a new language fun and interesting. That’s where Polly Lingual comes into the picture.

Want to check out the Polly Lingual platform and have a go yourself? Check it out here!

A great range of lessons to select from
A great range of lessons to select from

So what do we think?

Polly Lingual is a multifaceted learning platform to help you learn a new language. To learn a new language you need to use different learning techniques suited to different parts of the experience. With the interactive lessons that Polly Lingual feature, you are provided with these different learning techniques which keep you engaged and help you efficiently learn the new language.

After using the platform for a couple weeks we can both safely say Polly Lingual has been the most fun and easiest way we’ve tried to learn a new language.  What makes it so different to other language platforms is the amount of fun you have learning the language, this is thanks to the unique language games that you can play, such as hangman, alphabet soup, whack-a-word plus more. We found because of the games we became engaged with learning a new language and was more motivated to keep learning, without getting bored and giving up.

What language do you want to learn?

A great range of lessons to select fromPolly Lingual offers you the choice of 13 languages, French, Spanish, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Dutch.

Which to be honest we think is a decent range of languages to pick from to begin to learn a new language, and what’s even better is that you have free access to all the beginner lessons across all the languages.

Extra features with the Polly Passport

So what is the Polly Passport exactly? As previously mentioned the 13 languages you can learn all come with the beginner’s course included. But once you’ve completed the beginner’s course, what then? Well, that’s when you need the Polly Passport.

For a mere $2.99 per month or $9.99 per year, you can subscribe to the Polly Passport which allows you access to all the premium lessons and advanced features. Not only do you get the aforementioned but it also provides an advertisement-free experience.

What is the Polly Ambassador Program?

Another great feature that Polly Lingual provides is the Polly Ambassadors program. Polly Ambassadors are language teachers who are available to provide a one on one service over a live video feed. In our opinion, there is no better way to learn a language than to interacting with native speakers.

As a student, you can arrange to learn a particular topic, such as pronunciation, conversation practice, and local dialects.
The lessons are easy to book and each ambassador provides a profile so you can make a selection based on preferences.

Check out the mobile app

The Polly Lingual platform is not only computer based, there is also an app which can be downloaded which is available on iOS, android and as a Google Chrome app. So you can carry on learning your new language on the way to work, plane and train journeys and pretty much anywhere else!

Want to download the app now? Here are the links…

iOS Polly Lingual App

Android Polly Lingual App

Google Chrome App

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