Game Handling

Game handling can be a tricky task if hunters are not prepared to handle dead animals. Whether hunters are taking their kill with them to eat or stuff or just disposing of the dead animal, understanding game handling is essential.

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Trophy hunting is extremely polarizing. On one hand, proponents argue it's important for the survival of big game species and conservation of their lands. Opponents say that argument holds no merit. We explore both sides of this divisive issue.

By Oisin Curran

Norman Bates of "Psycho" had an office full of dead animals mounted in frightening positions. How do taxidermists make dead creatures seem so lifelike?

By Charles W. Bryant

Selective culling is population control by separating weak prey from the pack. Animals in the wild target the weak all the time, but things can get controversial when human hunters do.

By Vivien Bullen


One of the best parts of hunting is bringing your harvest home. But it can be a long journey from the woods to the wall, and there are things you need to know before you begin.

By Simon Shadow

You may have had a wildly successful hunt, but your work isn't done quite yet. Do you have any idea what to do with the remains of that massive buck in the back of your pickup? We didn't think so.

By Rosalind Jackson

You've bagged a 10-point buck on your latest hunting trip and you're excited to hang it above the mantel. Looks like it's time to call your local taxidermist.

By Vivien Bullen

That moose head hanging on a restaurant wall is, to many hunters, more than just a souvenir. For some hunters, the trophies are a big part of the reason to hunt.

By Andrew Aguecheek