Where the Wealthy Fly: The Top Private Jet Routes in the World

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No cramped spaces, no crying babies and the freedom to decide exactly when and where you want to fly–anywhere in the world. Yes, flying in a private jet is a privilege most of us can only ever dream of, but for those wealthy enough to afford it, it’s a luxury like no other.

With the whole world to choose from, just where would you fly if you had a private jet at your disposal? If you’re like us, you think about this (probably more than you should) and also wonder where do the wealthy fly? Well a 2015 Wealth Report published by Knight Frank shows a list of the top 10 private jet routes in the world for 2013. The report also shows the top 10 fastest growing private jet routes. Let’s take a look:

Jordan Tan / Shutterstock.com
Jordan Tan / Shutterstock.com

Top 10 Routes Worldwide:

1. Moscow -to- Nice/Côte d’Azur
2. Miami -to- New York
3. New York -to- Los Angeles
4. New York -to- West Palm Beach
5. London -to- New York
6. London -to- Moscow
7. London -to- Nice/Côte d’Azur
8. Chicago -to- New York
9. Houston -to- New York
10. West Palm Beach -to- New York

Top 10 Fastest Growing Routes:

1. Nice/Côte d’Azur -to- New York
2. Maiquetía -to- Miami
3. Dubai -to- London
4. Pittsburgh -to- New York
5. Houston -to- West Palm Beach
6.  Moscow -to- Tel Aviv
7. Houston -to- Midland (Texas)
8. Lagos -to- London
9. Austin -to- Houston
10. Houston -to- Washington DC

It might come as some surprise that the most popular private jet route in the world is from Moscow, Russia to Nice, France. This fact displays the continuing importance of Russian wealth in the European market. The second most popular route after this is Miami to New York, followed by the ever popular New York to Los Angeles, both of which firmly reinforce the fact that the United States remains the most important private jet market in the world.

When we take a look at the fastest growing routes we can see the emergence of international markets like Maiquetía, Venezuela and Dubai, UAE; though the fastest growing route overall is Nice to New York. Given the amount of times we see New York come up on this list, it’s clear that it’s both a favorite departure city as well as destination for wealthy jet-setters worldwide.

So just who are these wealthy flyers and what do they do? Well according to the report which uses data collected by NetJets, around 80% of these luxury flyers are male, aged 40-55. It also states that the majority are private entrepreneurs whose wealth comes from finance and oil and gas industries, followed closely by those in property and technology industries.  By the sounds of this, if you ever want a private jet of your own, you’d better get working on that big business idea!

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