5 Easy DIY Art Projects for Your Walls

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Covering your walls with art makes your home more personalized, adding fun and whimsy to your atmosphere.

It’s even better to create something yourself! DIY projects allow us to make memories, flex our creative muscles, and try something different.

The internet is full of DIY ideas, and having your own personal art collection is a great idea.

This list will provide you with ideas for DIYs that kids can even do alongside you! Here are 5 easy DIY projects art projects for your walls, so you can start personalizing your home and have fun doing it.

Black And White Photo Wall

Since you probably almost always carry your phone these days, there’s a good chance you have plenty of photos to keep your memories fresh in your mind. A black and white photo wall is an easy DIY project that anyone can do. This project allows you to use a variety of materials, and your wall will look amazing featuring your new photo collage!

First, you’ll need to choose the pictures that you want to feature. While choosing pictures, keep in mind that you’ll be seeing these photos every day, so it might be best to choose photos that inspire you, have a deeper meaning, or remind you of positive memories. 

Second, you’ll need to edit your photographs so that they are all black and white. This step is very easy! Whether you want to use a photo editing app or a fancier service like Adobe Photoshop, you can either choose a filter or simply turn down the saturation on your photos. 

Third, you’ll need to print your photos. This can be done at home if you have a printer and photo paper, or you can go to your local Walgreens, CVS, or Target. And lastly, of course, it’s time to hang your photos! 

Using a colorful washi tape can create a nice contrast with the black and white photos, or you can use tacks or clips to hang your new collage. For a classic, monochromatic look, you can’t beat a black and white photo wall! 

Washi Tape Feature Wall

If you have a plain, boring wall in your home, it’s easy to spice it up with washi tape. Washi tape is inexpensive and easy to find, and many stores seem to be placing it on their shelves these days. 

As a papery masking tape, it won’t damage your walls if you use it to decorate. And because it’s an amazingly versatile product, washi tape comes in a huge variety of patterns, colors, and textures.

Creating a washi tape feature wall will be super easy for any DIY fanatic out there. Whether you want to go for a herringbone design, simple horizontal stripes, or something wilder, your wall is bound to stand out so much more with a new washi tape design. This idea works perfectly for renters who can’t paint their walls!

Wooden Map

Whether you’re a traveler or not, having a cool map in your home is bound to impress your guests! A wooden map is a unique and easy project for your wall. For this project, you will only need a few materials, and even a crafting newbie will get killer results!

First, you will need to get your supplies. You’ll need a rectangular piece of wood that’s pretty sturdy, but not heavy enough that it will fall down when you try to hang it. Additionally, you’ll need to either buy, print or make a map stencil. 

If you want to feature a map of the world, it should be pretty easy to find a pre-made stencil that will work for this project. 

The last supply you’ll need is a wood stain. This can be found online or at any craft or hardware store. After you get your supplies, you just need to use your stencil to trace a shape on your plank of wood and then paint the traced area with your wood stain. After it dries, you will have a beautiful wooden map!

Wire Shapes

Making art out of wire is something even crafting beginners can master with just a bit of practice. If you want your wall to stand out a bit more, try forming some shapes out of craft wire. This material can be found in the jewelry section of any craft store, and its flexible form allows you to basically draw with the wire, creating any shape you want. These shapes can be hung easily, whether you decide to make stars, flowers, animals, or something else. 

Needle nose pliers can make the bending process a bit easier, keeping you from hurting your hands. Wire cutters will also come in handy. No matter what you decide to make, your wall is sure to look great with its new decorations.

Dripping Crayons

You’ve probably seen this one before. A few years back, dripping crayons took the internet by storm. This DIY is popular because not only is it easy to do, the project also always turns out cute and colorful! All you need for this DIY is a canvas, crayons, strong glue, and a hairdryer.

First, you’ll want to glue your crayons to your canvas. Typically, people will arrange the crayons in rainbow order, making a straight line across the top of the canvas. After the crayons are glued down, the only thing left to do is melt them with your hairdryer. 

This can get messy, so be sure to protect the floor with a tarp or an old towel. As you run the hairdryer across the crayons, the wax will melt, creating an amazing, dripping effect! Your canvas will become a rainbow masterpiece in minutes, and your guests will want to try this DIY themselves after seeing your colorful piece.


You don’t have to be a DIY expert to get creative with your walls. With these 5 ideas, you can be well on your way to making your space feel personalized and unique. Don’t be overwhelmed by the thousands of craft ideas online, and start somewhere simple instead. Whether you decide to decorate your walls with washi tape, wire shapes, or a cool wooden map, your home is bound to shine when you try one or more of these DIYs. Good luck crafting!

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