Roadside Attractions

Learn about the amazing roadside attractions that came into fashion during the height of our nation's fascination with the Great American Road Trip.

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Into the life of every motorcycle owner a little wanderlust must fall. If you really consider your interests and what excites you, you can enjoy the road for more than just a means to an end. So what are some great motorcycle trips?

By Jacob Clifton

Whether you're discovering the big city on foot and need a bite from the taco stand, or you've driven 300 miles and crave a good diner, we’ve got 10 foods made for the side of the road.

By Jane McGrath

There are plenty of bad roads all over the world. But these five routes appear most often on lists of death-defying avenues. Dare to drive them?

By Patrick J. Kiger


The B-52s sang about the Atlanta Highway and the Allman Brothers sang about Highway 41, but countless artists have sung about the famed Route 66. What makes the "Mother Road" so unique?

By Debra Ronca

When you brag about what's under the hood of your car, you probably don't say dinner. But you could. Car engines provide a very practical place to cook a road-trip meal.

By Amy Hunter

An ice hotel is essentially a gigantic igloo that is converted into a hotel. Learn about ice hotels and find out how an ice hotel is created.

By Sarah Dowdey