Family Travel Safety

There are so many things to consider on vacation: the kids, the pets, the luggage. Read up on family travel safety and how to make the best of it.

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Explore the safety of Morocco. Learn about travel tips, local insights, and experiences to ensure a secure and enjoyable visit.

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Discover the safety of Belize. Explore travel advice, local insights, and experiences for a secure and enjoyable trip.

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Explore travel tips and insights to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience in this stunning destination.

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Most travelers think their own auto insurance will cover rental car accidents, too. But do you honestly know the details of your coverage, how long your coverage will last or how well you're really protected?

By Christopher Neiger

Nothing saps the fun from a road trip like being pulled over by a cop. Besides simply obeying traffic laws, how can you avoid a ticket on your next trip?

By Nicholas Gerbis

Rest areas are supposed to be safe havens for drivers who need some shut eye. But they're not nearly as secure you'd think. How can you play it safe at rest stops?

By Clint Pumphrey

Is it safe for parents to travel without their kids? There's a lot of planning and preparation involved in leaving the little ones at home, but just what do you need to do before you go?

By Linda C. Brinson


It's the sentence sure to fill even the most confident parent with fear: "Mom, Dad, I want to go with the other kids on spring break." How should you respond?

By Patrick J. Kiger