Rejuvenate in the New Year with Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Ahhh…the holidays are over, with all its joy as well as the planning, events and sometimes, stress. For me, early January is not just a time to look forward to a new year, but also a time to recharge and rejuvenate. To make time for myself.

In my view, there’s not much of a better way to do this than to pamper yourself at a spa. I recently set aside some self-care time at Hiatus Spa + Retreat, to relax and enjoy their monthly retreat — a unique offering that rotates each month, using hand-picked seasonal ingredients incorporated into every step. An aromatic mash-up of body glow and massage and a delectable hand-crafted cocktail served afterward makes for some serious pampering.

The January Monthly Retreat is “London Fog,” and lets clients begin the New Year with a touch of sophistication. Fragrant Earl Grey Tea, Charcoal and a proprietary blend of essences create a luxurious sugar body polish. A Vichy rinse and massage featuring the velvety Earl Grey Body Soufflé by SpaRitual is rivaled only by the smooth Gin and Early Grey cocktail which follows.

Hiatus has several locations throughout Texas, and what’s great about the day spa is that they make an upscale spa experience affordable — either for the occasional treatment, or to make caring for yourself a priority with a membership.

Their newest subscription model, called H-Circle, simplifies regular relaxation. Hiatus empowers guests to own their self-care and was the first day spa in Houston to offer affordable, regular access to a spa lifestyle. H-Circle members choose one signature “Essential Service” each month, which can include the Signature Massage, Tailor-Made Facial, One & Only Mani-Pedi, Body Glow, or the Body Wrap. The membership is $69 per month and also includes special discounted pricing for members on all treatments and 10% off all retail products.

Now, that’s a seriously affordable price for amazing self-care and rejuvenation! I also love that the ambience and environment at Hiatus is upscale; it doesn’t feel even remotely like a “discount” membership spa. The therapists have all been, in my many experiences there, highly trained and experienced. They deliver — and I always walk out feeling like a wet noodle, especially when I get the monthly retreat with the refreshing cocktail afterwards!

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