Try-it Tuesday: Make a Wine Cork Board

Everyone who knows me knows I love wine. And when you love wine as much as I do, you can accumulate a lot of corks. A lot of corks. What to do with them all? Make a wine cork board!

I had been collecting corks for a while, thinking I would do something crafty with them. As usually happens with me and these kinds of DIY projects, one day I got bored enough and was looking for something to do, so started trying to figure out how best to make my wine cork board. I had a couple of old picture frames — big, wooden ones, and just the frames, nothing inside — and I decided they would be great for this project. If you don’t have any old picture frames like this lying around unused, you can usually pick some up for a few bucks at a thrift or vintage shop (how I got mine), or use something else for your frame edge. Get creative! Maybe wine labels covering a thin piece of wood?

I then got a piece of sturdy cardboard, measured the inside of my frame, and cut a piece of a matching size. Then I started gluing. I just used regular old school glue, which of course takes 24 hours to dry — but it holds well and does the trick. A hot glue gun would be a lot quicker.


I decided to make a pattern, putting two corks horizontally, then the next two vertically. I used a champagne cork for the very center. The whole thing was easy-peasy and went really fast.

And — voila! My new wine cork board is proudly hung in my kitchen.

I just made mine up as I went along, but I found a couple of DIY tutorials if you want to check them out. Here’s one from Black & Decker, and another from Also, Amazon sells a couple of pretty cool kits, if you want to go that route. Check them out here and here!

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