Bass Fishing Tips

Bass fishing tips can help you land more and bigger bass than you thought was possible. Learn all about bass fishing techniques, bass behavior and bass fishing gear in these bass fishing tips.

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Bass fishing lures come in every imaginable color, shape and size and texture. So how do you know which one is right for your next fishing trip? We'll show you 10 of the best.

By Dave Roos & Beth Brindle

When it's time to spawn, bass waste little time. In fact, the entire spawning process can occur in as little as three weeks. The male bass is responsible for most of the spawning duties, such as building a nest and attracting a mate.

By Vivien Bullen

Looking to catch a really big bass? Instead of ordinary lures, try fishing with swimbaits. They're lures that look like a fish, smell like a fish and move like a fish, and they're becoming extremely popular among experienced bass fishers.

By Sam Tyler


In your heart, you know you'd be an avid angler -- if it weren't for the pesky sun. Don't let sunburn keep you from fishing, just wait until the sun goes down. Nighttime bass fishing is the perfect summer fishing experience.

By Chris Marlowe

You know the feeling. It's raining out and the change of air pressure has you moving slow and fighting fatigue. Well, humans aren't alone in feeling this change in equilibrium -- bass might feel it, too.

By Vivien Bullen

Top water bass fishing uses lures that float on shallow water, and it's a pastime that pros or novices can enjoy. What does it take to catch a bass with a top water lure?

By Sarah Siddons