Salmon Fishing Tips

Salmon fishing tips can help you find and catch more salmon than ever before. Because of their unique seasonal movements, salmon can be difficult to locate and catch. Arm yourself with knowledge by reading these salmon fishing tips.

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Some salmon travel up to 3,000 miles on their quest to spawn in natal waters. What are the best spots along the way for you to do a little fishing?

By Olivia Page

Even if you've never stood on the edge of a river and watched salmon making their way upstream, you've probably seen dramatic footage of the event on TV. What's the logic behind the salmon spawn, and what's the best way to catch spawning fish?

By Chris Marlowe

Have you ever wanted to fish for salmon but weren't quite sure where to start? HowStuffWorks has the best salmon techniques that will have you in rivers and lakes in no time -- proving that salmon fishing isn't just for bears and birds.

By Rosalind Jackson