Catfishing Tips

Catfishing tips can help you catch more catfish than ever before. In these articles, you will learn all about the various catfishing methods and catfish baits. Become an expert catfish angler by reading these catfishing tips.

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Though you might think he's ugly, to a female catfish, he's the best fish in the sea, so to speak. He makes the house, he guards the kids -- maybe this guy is a catch after all!

By Chris Marlowe

You've been squeamish. You've been tentative. You've never caught a catfish before. Or maybe you have, but you've never taken the fish off the hook. Where do you even hold the thing?

By Sarah Siddons

Catfishing can be tricky if you're not a seasoned fisherman. Which type of bait is best? How long do you leave your lines before checking them? Learn everything you need to know to reel in the catch of a lifetime.

By Simon Shadow