Redfish Fishing Tips

Redfish fishing tips can help you land more and bigger redfish than you dreamed was possible. Learn all about redfish fishing techniques, redfish behavior and redfish fishing gear in these redfish fishing tips.

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Spot tail, puppy drum, bull red, channel bass, or redfish -- call them what you will, these trophy fish are making waves in the Gulf of Mexico and along the southern Atlantic coast. What makes these copper-colored fish so alluring to anglers?

By Chris Marlowe

Many anglers find redfish (also called red drum) appealing, not just because of their flavor but also because of their size and their eagerness to fight. Fishing for redfish is bound to be exciting and memorable.

By Sarah Siddons

Hankering for a big fish with a big fight? Consider fishing for redfish. And if you're willing to do a little traveling, you can experience great redfish adventures throughout the entire year.

By Simon Shadow