Walleye Fishing Tips

Walleye fishing tips can help you land more and bigger walleye than ever before. Learn all about walleye behavior, walleye habitats, walleye fishing techniques and walleye fishing gear in these walleye fishing tips.

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One of the most interesting times to find walleye is during the spawn. Temperature plays an important role in determining when the spawn occurs so warming trends are important. Once you've found the walleye, a slow pace will help you land the catch.

By Andrew Aguecheek

To get a fish to bite, you need to know how, where, when and what it eats. So, what exactly is the how, where, when and what of a walleye's eating habits? Find out.

By Sarah Siddons

You've reeled in a big, beautiful walleye. This fine catch deserves a picture, but it's putting up quite the fight, and that jaw full of teeth is less than inviting. If only you knew the best way to hold a walleye.

By Vivien Bullen


You wake up early on a Saturday in late March. You take a step outside. There's an exciting hint of warmth in the air that lets you know winter has finally passed, and spring is here. Get out your gear -- it's time to fish.

By Chris Marlowe

The walleye is priced for its tender, flavorful fillets -- and for the challenge it presents even the most experience fisherman. And the harder a fish is to catch, the more fun it is to catch it.

By Sam Tyler